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Before submitting this form, please read the Missouri Real Estate Commission Broker Disclosure Form.

(Each Co-Applicant Must Submit Separate Application)

Property Applying For:
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SPOUSE (if applicable)

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Social Security Social Security
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How Long Employed How Long Employed
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Name of Supervisor Name of Supervisor
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Business Fax Business Fax
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Prior Employer Prior Employer
Address Address
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Monthly Earnings Monthly Earnings
How Long Employed How Long Employed

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Auto:  Year   License   Make
Auto:  Year   License   Make
Auto:  Year   License   Make

Have you and/or your spouse (if applicable) ever been arrested?   Yes   No
If so, when and what for?

Do you have any pets? Yes   No
Kind, Weight, Breed and Age

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Relative who can be contacted in case of emergency/death:
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How you were referred to us: Drive By   Referral   For Rent   Apt. Guide   Other

Desired move-in date    Desired lease term   


By checking this box applicant(s) acknowledges that they have received and read the Missouri Real Estate Commission Broker Disclosure Form.

It is fully understood that if application is approved, any deposit which is made with the application will be held as security for the performance of the convenants of the lease and as a damage deposit and the full security deposit will be determined. It is further understood and agreed that all applications are subject to approval and acceptance of the agent and are the property of the agent (and inclusive of the results there of) and not the applicant. If applicant(s) withdraws this application, the applicant(s) agrees that the deposit may be accepted by the agent as a fee for processing the application (Applicant(s) has 72 hours to resend, in writing, this application, at which time a deposit will not be forfeited). An application fee to be determined (which is non-refundable) must accompany this application.

Applicant(s) hereby authorizes Lessor to procure a "consumer report" as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. 1681 a(d), seeking information on the credit-worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living of applicant(s). I also agree and understand that Lessor may obtain additional consumer reports on me in the future to update or review my account. I understand that my application may be rejected if during the investigation there are found to be judgements, lien(s) or bankruptcy in my personal credit history. I hereby authorize Lessor to obtain information it deems desirable in the processing of my application for residency, including: credit reports, civil or criminal actions, rental history, employment/salary details, police and vehicle records, and any other relevant information; and release Lessor, its employees and agents from all liability for any damage whatsoever incurred from furnishing or obtaining such information.

By checking this box applicant(s) acknowledges that they agree with these terms.


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